Are Demi Moore’s Fears of Aging your Own?

Demi Moore Recently had a divorce with Ashton Kutcher and she went to rehad for drug and alcohol addiction. Are these behaviours the result of her insecurities of beginning to show her true age?

Demi Moore is an icon in Hollywood for the great movies she has done such as A Few Good Men, G.I. Jane and many others. However with her recent divorce and drug problems it seems that people are feeling sorry about her and how she has aged.

The fact is that deep inside we are all afraid of getting old and being rejected by society for our looks. But it does not has to be this way, we have to start to change this behaviour beginning with ourselves.

When news of Moore’s troubles first broke, I found myself reading it on my computer screen in shock and disbelief, but also in anger and guilt. “Look what we have done to this woman,” I thought to myself. We can all try to wash our hands of Demi’s Hollywood demise, but we are all ultimately responsible for it. Every time we looked at a picture of her, or any other “aging” actress and poked fun at them looking old, looking “tired” we fed the machine that makes us believe that somehow aging is wrong.

Unfortunately Hollywood has feed a youth obsessed culture which teaches women that they are valued by their beauty and that is why our children are learning every single day from the hollywood machine and our society. This culture makes even young women engage in cosmetic surgery and eating disorders.

What is even more depressing about this story is that when you look at pictures of Moore, her insecurities appear to be tangible, you can almost reach out and touch how badly Moore feels about herself. Her lack of confidence is palpable.

Abandonment coupled with age in a town like Hollywood makes us feel sorry for Moore, but deep down we are actually terrified because we know what happened to her can happen to us. We are all equally vulnerable to our insecurities. Every one of us fears rejection and heartbreak.

We can not fight mother nature, we have to learn to accept aging as a good part of life, we have to teach our children that they are valued not for how they look, but for who they are.



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